Summer 2023

Hi everyone,

It’s JULY! Can anyone believe it?

I hope you’re all well and enjoying summer. So far, we’ve been baked and deluged in Manchester. As I don’t enjoy heatwaves, a cool wet summer is bliss! 😊

The writing news is I’ve joined a late summer school run by the wonderful Sara Cox at the ‘Cheshire Novel Prize.’ It starts in September for six weeks. Should be interesting and fun. I’m writing magical realism for the course, which will be brilliant! I’m also hoping to attend a writing conference; an incredible opportunity (not in the U.K). I don’t want to say too much about that now, so watch this space.

As for life off the page, I’ve been taking acting classes run by a talented group in Manchester centre. Fascinating and immersive. It’s amazing how much thought and how many choices are involved in lifting a character off a page for performance. As a writer, I’ve loved every second of the journey.

Red Mice has been fully edited and there is a new edition waiting in the wings… Drop me a line if you’d like some insider info. I love hearing from you.

Be well and look after yourselves.