Spring 2023 – acting and writing updates!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well and have had a great start to 2023. It’s Cherry Blossom time! The most beautiful time of year. Well, since I last wrote, I’ve been in a play! Amazing experience. Acting on a stage!! Met some fantastic people and had the best time. It’s really provided insight into character, and the way structure works on every level. Academically, my MA is split equally between Victorian Fiction and Theatre studies. This doesn’t mean acting, we’re talking Chekhov, Brecht, and contemporary modern theatre such as The Comedians – by Trevor Griffiths. Or Willy Russell’s stuff. If you haven’t come across those playwrights, dive in.

I didn’t blog much previously because I wanted to ‘say’ the write thing – see what I did there; but life is too short to even know what that is! And besides, I was suffering with anxiety for a long while, which makes us feel we can’t be ‘ourselves.’

I haven’t been able to release Red Mice TWO due to the publishing restrictions we were chatting about a couple of months ago. I’m also about to update Red Mice, and pretty soon there will be a shiny new edition… Unfortunately, not all agents are happy to have a ‘hybrid’ author. Especially not one who writes across genre. Many agents prefer writers to stick to one genre. Not all, of course. But this means that when I’m ready to take the step, I’ll be in the exciting position of querying again. So much potential and opportunity.

I’ve been super-busy writing but can’t share the results yet. I’m asking you to bear with me a little while longer, thank you.

If you want to chat, drop me a line!

Have a great spring.