Can anyone believe it’s June 2022?

Hi everyone,

Hope all are well… Can anyone believe it’s June 2022?

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve written an update and said hello! Time has flown by.

Here in the U.K the platinum Jubilee has been celebrated all weekend. Seventy years of HRH! Incredible. In local terms, this has meant a very lot of bunting, and some fabulously competitive neighbours… We smiled when we saw that one house had a life-size Royal Guard, outside their front door. Patriotic! Only, a day or two later, on the opposite side of the street, a life-size Queen appeared, complete with regal wave. I am not joking…

As for books, as much as I love to write (and read) I’ve discovered that the rhythm of a new first draft feels quite alien. It’s been fantastic to get back to creating fresh stories, yet the ‘sitting down’ to write demands consistent time. Can someone please tell Marlowe?! In truth, I am hoping to get through the first draft sooner rather than later. Books are made in the editing stage.

With regards to news, there is none to tell just yet.

Watch this space…

Until next time, happy reading, happy writing.

Look after yourselves,

Racheal. x