Life’s bleak for a reluctant ex-criminal. Jude’s working the club doors in Manchester, fighting a drug habit  and sleeping around. After a visit to his ex-girlfriend he finds gems stashed in his rucksack. He’s furious … and she’s vanished.

Cousin Rae juggles working at the warehouse, studying and looking after her accidental fiance. Rae’s a reformed wild child and life is almost stable, until she’s drawn into a secret affair.

Jude’s chasing empty leads across Europe in a race against time. Will the owner of the diamonds find him before he finds his ex?

But then Rae is kidnapped. And someone starts a game of cat and mouse, sending Jude the photos to blackmail him into a job. It’s the biggest challenge Jude’s ever faced and Rae’s life is on the line. Everything depends on his success.

When your world’s turned upside down, what can you believe in?

Everything you believe is real … is fake

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